Contract Law and Everyday legal affairs 

Contract Law
Comprehensive support for commercial legal framework, i.a. Supply Contracts, Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreements, Master Service Agreements, Technology Transfer Agreements, Licensing Agreements and various other key legal documents crucial for comprehensive legal coverage in commercial activities.

Everyday legal affairs
Legal support for day-to-day operations i.a. guidance on regulatory compliance, resolving employment disputes, managing intellectual property issues, navigating corporate governance and addressing liability risks.

Forensic Representation
Legal representation before national courts in Germany, Poland and the European Union (at EU level according to national admission requirements) and representation before international courts of arbitration

Corporate Law and Private Business Law

Corporate structuring
Drafting legal frameworks for entrepreneurs, providing guidance on business structures, partnerships, and corporate formations to optimize legal advantages

Contract Expertise
Developing, reviewing, and negotiating international contracts, including joint venture agreements, licensing agreements as well as distribution agreements that align with business objectives, ensuring clarity, enforcability, and risk mitigation.

Corporate Governance Guidance
Advising on corporate governance best practices to ensure compliance with global regulations and standards

Mergers and Acquisitions
Providing strategic advice on international M&A projects, ensuring compliance with varied regulations and optimizing transaction structures

International Trade Compliance
Counselling clients on compliance with international trade laws, sanctions, and export control regulations to ensure adherence to trade agreements and mitigate legal risks in cross-border transactions

Intellectual Property
Drafting and negotiating agreements for domestic and international technology transfers, collaborations, and partnerships, addressing legal considerations related to intellectual property, licensing, and technology development.

EU market Entry
Assistance in selecting and establishing the most appropriate legal entity to enter the EU market, focusing on taxation, liability and corporate governance

Regulatory Navigation
Legal advice in administrative processes with approval bodies and authorities, ensuring compliance with national laws and EU regulations

Public Procurement
Advice and representation in public procurement proceedings and on German or European Union public subsidies

Project Development
Drafting agreements for technology transfers, i.a. with legal focus on intellectual property, licensing, and technology development

Strategic Collaboration
Structuring and establishing Joint Ventures, overseeing legal aspects of cooperation and partnership agreements. Support as legal project coordinator

Employment Law
Supporting employers with all domestic and international employment matters, from contracts to compliance and dispute resolution.

Administrative Support
Ongoing support for board meetings and shareholder relations